Board And Committee Login Portal

Giving access to board members in a simple way

Easy access to all relevant information

General Meetings

Multiple Meeting Types

Setup any number of different meeting types.

Easily specify future dates for each meeting type.

You can even colour code the meetings for added clarity for board members.

Accessible on Desktop, Tablets, and Hand Held Devices

Board can acess all meeting information directly from their phone

Meeting information can contain link to video meeting for ease of access

Attending Not Attending


Board Members can login and specify attendance by video, or in person, or non attendance. See who is or is not attending

Agenda / Minutes

Large visible buttons for easy acccess to agenda and minutes (if the meeting has passed).

Agenda Minutes

Create BAC Agendas or Upload Agendas

Attach documents to BAC Agenda sections and items

or Simply add documents into the document section for meetings

Calendar View

Board members can view all up coming (and past) meeting in the Calendar view. 

Calendar View

Does your Board / Committee want something simple to use?

BAC is fully customisable for your Board's needs and wants

Contact us to find out how BAC can work for your Board