Online Freedom of Information Solution

Auto generate responses using pre-set templates

or if you prefer create your own templates for responses

FOI Request Form

The Freedom of Information request form makes it easy to make FOI requests, and it makes your job easier too.

The information is collected and multiple wheels are set in motion.

FOI requests are time sensitive and as such need attended to within certain timeframes.

FOI keeps you on track and keeps the Information Commissioner happy.

Foi Request Form

Automatically Generated Disclosure Log

The  Disclosure Log can help prevent similar FOI requests in the future

A PDF of the FOI request and the solution / conclusing is automatically generated and attached

Foi Discloser Log

Assign FOI requests to the Right People

Request correspondence saved for FOI paper trail

Select which template is appropriate based on type of Freedom of Information request

Foi Admin Panel

Easily Manage your Freedom of Information Requests

Save time and effort and keep in compliance with the ICO

There is so much more to this product. Get in touch to find out more