Digital Engagement Networking

For housing sector organisations and their staff

Learn from your peers (151 members) and also from sector specialists

Membership of Kiswebs Digital Engagement Networking Group (the DEN) is free

You must work for a Housing Association or Local Authority

Membership gives you free access to online resources, to The DEN community, and also an opportunity to attend the Digital Engagement Networking meetings

What is the DEN?

A digital engagement networking group for housing associations and the housing sector

Kiswebs bring together like-minded people from within the housing association sector to discuss and share ideas about how we better engage with tenants and other interested people within the community

Next Meeting Location and Topic of Focus

To be determined

Previous DEN meeting Topics; GDPR, Apps For Housing Associations, Freedom Of Information

Make Suggestions about Future Topics

If there is something specific to the Housing Sector you would like to know more about then contact us and we will bring, not only your peers to discuss this, but also industry experts

We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.